The "Heuriger" in Vienna

The term "Heuriger" loosely translated into English is "this year‘s". Originally it was named after the young and freshly bottled wine, which often is left to age and mature and past the 11th of November also known as Martini (name day of Martin) it turns into full-bodied wine. Today the „Heuriger“ is a traditional type of wine tavern, usually only open in summer months, and on a sunny day it is a true paradise for any wine lover.

The traditional wine taverns of Grinzing, Heiligenstadt, Neustift, Stammersdorf, Nussdorf and Mauer are still within the cities borders, however the atmosphere is very rural and relaxing.

One well-known „Heuriger“ is Mayer am Nussberg in the 19th district. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscape with first-class food and good wine.

At Heuriger Wieninger, located in the famous wine tavern location of Stammersdorf, you can enjoy traditional food such as „Schweinsbraten“ (roast pork) and Schnitzel, as well as high-quality house wines.

At the Weinbau Zawodsky with its beautiful natural gardens you can enjoy a romantic dinner with delicious wine and a must see view over the city of Vienna.

In addition to the „Heurigen“ mentioned here, there are many others that all have their own unique charm and are definitely worth a visit! Find your favourite wine tavern in Vienna!